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Using Silverstripe 3

Using Silverstripe 3

Using Silvestripe 3 is ideal for website owners and admin users who have had a site built for them which uses the Silverstripe CMS. This book won’t confuse you with technical, back end details – but it does clearly, and simply describe all the main features within the admin area of the CMS. We’ll also discuss what kind of things you can expect to control via the admin area, and when you’ll have to go back to your web developer to get them to adjust something.

Topics Include:

  • Pages – creating, moving, removing
  • Editing text content – the best approach
  • Publish and draft
  • Page settings and page history
  • Understanding page types and templates
  • Working with documents and images
  • Working with ‘data lists’ (the DataGrid)
  • Adding Links
  • Adding other admin users
  • Known bugs, browser issues – and how to get round them

About the Author

Jon Shutt has been building websites for well over 10 years, and has been using Silvestripe for around 3 years. He has built a range of websites from simple, single pages sites to highly interactive sites with custom features and hundreds of pages. Jon owns a web design business called ‘’ and often works with design agencies around Wellington, making their designs into live websites.

As well as building sites, Jon also offers one to one training to Silvestripe users: “I’ve noticed that many people get stuck with similar issues, but with a few pointers can quickly get the hang of the CMS. I started writing up notes to help with trainees, and clients – and reaized the info here could help thousands of SS3 site owners around the world”