UnGagged: An SEO UnConference

When was the last time you ended up in a marketing conference and found yourself almost rolling on the floor, laughing your guts off while actually LEARNING about the rather ‘unconventional’ methods of dealing with SEOs to boost up your internet marketing skills? Okay, let me guess. Maybe, there was never a last time at all! Alright, so let’s give you a first time.

Before you proceed with the article, you need to know that there are certain rules and standards you live by as you go about the whole process of internet marketing. And the only reason I told you this is because at UnGagged, each one of these rules is going to be broken, and each standard shaken right from the root. Here comes the most awaited revolution in the world of online business, here comes change.


UnGagged is basically an event on online business or internet marketing by Black Hat World Conference, wherein you get crazy-as-shit speakers to share their crazy-as-super-shit ideas which you can embrace if you wish to shoot up your profits in the online business. We have speakers like Scott Stratten, who is the author and president at; Lane Becker, co-founder and president at and other such like-minded geniuses who have the unnatural talent of thinking out of the box, something that has taken them to a level where people only dream to reach.

Maybe all of this sounds too haywire and risky, but if you are a no-risk person, this event probably isn’t for you at all. But, believe me, unless you take risks, you’ll never see a change. Here is why you SHOULD attend this event:

  1. Though this looks like a mishap, there is a great deal of Professionalism. You’ll actually be listening to people who’ve been into the SEO business all their lives and the best part is – they are just so awesome at it.
  2. Meet like-minded marketers. You won’t just take home with you a golden box of genius ideas, you’ll also meet other online marketers with whom you can bond and discuss your own strategies with. You’ll get an exposure to the real world of the virtual business.logo999

Profit, profit and more profit. A true businessman is someone who can come up with brilliant strategies to maximize his profits. Anyone can buy stuff from a wholesale market and sell it for a few pennies more. Even the grocery store guy can do that! If you are really dreaming big and aiming high, you need to THINK at a level beyond buying and selling. You need to float above the clouds of mediocrity and for that, you need the right kind of inspiration. Guess who’s going to give you that? Ungagged.