Proxies for increased privacy and security

Anybody who has worked remotely or handled corporate files while travelling has probably used a proxy server of a certain type without even knowing it. Workers everywhere in the world use a type of a proxy called a Virtual Private Network, which is a proxy type that lets you work securely and remotely.

But what exactly is a proxy and why should you use it?

How do proxies work?

A proxy is simply a connection between a person and a location on the Internet. A person who is in London and accessing his company’s website in New York is simply opening a VPN to his office. This means that a tunnel is created between his computer and a device at the company. The tunnel is where all further data will pass through.

In fact, this brings us to the first advantage of using a VPN. Whatever you send will be completely and totally encrypted, and nobody will be able to see what you sent, or even which websites you visited. But there is still one more advantage to using a VPN. Your original IP address is completely masked and nobody can track where you are. In fact, if we use the above example, every website that you access will think that you are in New York, not in London.

There are also other reasons that people use proxies. One of the reasons is to be able to get region-specific content. A good example of this would be Netflix, which restricts content based on geographical location. So if you live in Greece, you won’t be able to watch some Netflix shows and movies that are restricted to the U.S. This is where you might decide to use a U.S. based proxy and presto! You’ll be able to watch all the U.S. restricted shows that you want to! In places where YouTube is restricted, proxies are one of the methods used by people to unblock YouTube videos.

Other people who like using proxies are criminals. In fact some even connect to a proxy and then connect to another proxy using that one, essentially creating a proxy chain that makes it much harder to trace them.

There are still other uses for proxies. People usually use proxies for security, since proxies actually protect you from malware. Security researchers are also users of proxies, since anyone tracing their home address can be deadly for them.

Hide My Ass

Proxies can give you complete anonymity and security that can actually help you a lot. Even if you don’t have a company VPN for you to use, you can search the net for alternatives. One of the most popular VPN service providers right now is Hide My Ass. It may have a strange name, but don’t judge a book by its cover!

It’s very easy to use and it’s also very reliable. Even if you have no background in IT, you can just use it, which is great news for the average web user. All you have to do is download and install the software, and it will do the work for you.

Another great thing about Hide My Ass is that it has more than thirty thousand IP addresses from all parts of the world, and you can connect to any of them. Any website you access will think you are in the location of the IP address that you used. Hide My Ass is not free, but what is right now? It’s actually quite affordable, since you only have to pay ten dollars per month.

Proxies and trust

There are a few things that you need to remember if you decide to use a proxy. Remember that the proxy that is giving you anonymity is actually also getting access to all the information that you are doing. You need to find a service that you trust, which is not something easy nowadays.

You would rather use a paid proxy than a free proxy, because paid proxies have some incentive to keep your information private. Again, if you use a proxy you’ll probably find that you’re Internet speed is quite low, since you’ll be transferring all the information to the proxy and then to the web.

Remember, knowledge is power, so try to learn as much as you can about a service before you start using it. Be safe!

Bi Fold Doors

Bi fold doors are the latest trend in the market and people are using it to open up their homes to the outdoors. These doors open up in a clean bunch and allow unrestricted flow of air and light; thus creating a healthy atmosphere in the homes. It’s no wonder that bi fold doors are installed in the high end homes and are liberally used by designers to renovate old homes.

bifold doors

The builders have a lot of demand for aluminium bifold doors. It is the most cost effective and aesthetic option available nowadays. Gjames specializes in manufacturing bi fold doors and windows which come with a number of positives.


They come with a 7 years’ warranty so you would not need to worry for a long time. The doors are all built to be weather resistant which is a big plus. There is an innovation lever attached that enhances the usability. Different flyscreen options are available. The robust structure ensures safety in high wind load conditions too. The doors come with slide and stack options which let the users use the doors as per their requirement. Finally and most importantly GJames is a member of Australian Window Association so it would be absolutely safe to trust them with your doors.

To Buy or Not To Buy???

Every body on Twitter would love to have more and more followers. While people are getting more self obsessed every day, the chances of having a huge twitter fan following are growing less and less with each passing day. Many people spend a lot of time in finding out how to get followers on twitter. They have no problem in paying some money in order to get a huge number of followers. But it is not always a good idea to bribe people into following you. Yes, initially it might give you a feel good factor but soon enough you would understand that fake followers add no real worth to your profile.


Twitter logo


Many websites use software tools to create fake accounts which they then sell to you as followers. These accounts are never monitored so even though you get a number of followers it is impossible for them to understand your tweets. So basically you end up tweeting to unresponsive bots that will never be able to appreciate or criticize you.


Some websites provide foreign non English speaking followers. Though these are real people they would not be able to appreciate your tweets written in English which again means that your efforts got wasted on nothing. One benefit that you will get is that sometimes fake popularity helps to garner real followers. Even then if the real followers find out that you needed to buy a huge chunk of your followers then you would come off looking like a big despo.


It is always better to devote some time in building an authentic reputation. It takes a lot of time but the end results are much more satisfying. To know that there are real people out there who admire you and come online to get inspired by your words is a reason for huge contentment.


Guidelines for Hiring best contractor accountants UK

For most entrepreneurs, contractors and owners of small or medium enterprises, contractor accountants UK are ideal. The best expert is someone who, in addition to carrying the books, is an advisor and confidant in business matters. Therefore, it is important to find a person that is not only a good professional, but also generate trust.

May even be the case that the counter charge is made aware of your business as your personal financial situation; of course, without mixing. Therefore, we can say that the choice of the ideal candidate is not a small matter.

Some individuals start searching through referrals by other owners, especially those whose business operates in the same industry. So make sure you are a professional who dominates the sector.contractor accountant

The first recommendation is to hire the services of best contractor accountants UK before starting any operations. If you do not have a special budget for full-time integrate your team, the best option is an outsider (via outsourcing) to handle your affairs from his office.

According to experts, a good accountant should be entitled and be independent, i.e., not having a permanent position in a company. The goal is that you find at your disposal and always on the lookout for tax movements that reports either in person, by telephone or email.

Functions of an accountant

The functions of an accountant include: conducting a procedure (like getting a license or permit), keep abreast with respect to changes in tax laws, advise to make the monthly and annual statements, being the liaison with other government agencies, advise before making the purchase of machinery or equipment, among other tasks.

As for experience, investigate how many years they have been working on their own and which companies or individuals integrate their customer base. Go further and interview with them to make sure that it is someone serious and responsible. Also check about certifications, this will display recognition of professional competence.

As a final note, remember that all independent accountants must have knowledge in the area of sales, finance, management, and master accounting and tax aspects and issues related to public and staff relations. And of course, they should be able to give useful advice to a business for the company to leave on track by creating consistent future scenarios.


automatic boom gates

With the improved technology and the rising crime cases, there is need for everybody to improve their security system around their homes, in business premises and even industries. This why CCTV cameras, IP Cameras, Video encoders, NVR, DVR and surveillance software are being used to ensure they curb the rising security. In connection to this, you can customize your home by installing an automated gate system. At times it sucks all the time to get out of your car to open the gate or to employ someone to be sitting at the gate so that he could be doing the job.

Gates Drive System Australia is one of the best manufactures of both domestic and industrial automatic boom gates system. If you are looking for quality, experienced and professional installed automatic gate, choose Gate Drive System Australia. This company has a reputation of supplying gate automation system to overseas countries including United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore and Africa as well. GDS Australia provides quality services with their experienced experts. They are able to install all gate products.

The system GDS Australia uses, utilizes cast iron gear boxes and industrial grade motors. This provides a strong, durable and long lasting gate operator. There are different technologies that you may choose from but from the experience that GDS Australia experts have, they will be able to handle all the problems that you may have. There are some systems that normally heat up but with GDS, you are guaranteed your gate will operate at high speed and 100% duty circle. This means your gate will not heat up despite opening the whole day and night.

There are two major core values that you can expect from GDS Australia.

Durability- The gates manufactured are built to last longer

Speed- They are convenient maximum you can wait for the gate to open is 10seconds.

If you choose gate product from GDS Australia, know that you have chosen a quality product.

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