5 Design Icons You Can’t Forget

There are many different items that are enticing and can draw you into buying, but not all of them will be famous in name. Even though this is true, there are some pieces you just know are going to cause interest. Let’s take a look at five design icons that wow their viewers.


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s pavilion

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s pavilion for the 1929 World Exposition in Barcelona is a beauty when it comes to modern architecture. The Barcelona daybed is particularly alluring. The lines are minimalistic and go right along with Mies’s simplistic looks.


67 lounge chair

The 67 lounge chair by Charles Eames is very popular in the Berlin and Copenhagen area. These chairs along with their matching ottoman are like a high end status symbol. It is a definite icon of style, but it can also be found in the MoMA in New York. It is very comfortable.


eye wall clock

The eye wall clock from George Nelson is a real looker. Out of his more than one hundred and fifty clocks George Nelson and team members designed it is very memorable. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally. It’s very playful and a good way to decorate. Depending on your taste and if you like to mix and match, you could really put it in any room to add a spark of fun.


Boeing 707

Above is the real BOeing 707. The model of the Boeing 707 is an iconic piece to have around. The Blue and White planes remained in use until 1984 after being put into use in the 1950s.

These are all great ideas to have around your house, decorating and creating conversations. Whatever your taste might be, one of the aforementioned items can certainly turn your head. There are plenty of other pieces that were created by these designers if you need more ideas, but these are some of the most popular.

A Brief History of Debt

The father of economics, Adam Smith once said, “All money is a matter of belief”, and never a truer statement has been spoken. Living in such a credit accelerated society, it’s often times shocking to see people actually pulling wads of cash out of their pocket. In times of economic turmoil, there has been a trend of putting purchases on credit. Many major credit card companies like Visa, American Express, and MasterCard offer a variety of perks when you sign up with one of their cards. You can have no interest on purchases for the first year, you can also gather award points on all purchases you make, and some cards even offer cash back incentives.


But this slippery slope of an extended credit line can be a hard lesson for many young people who are not properly educated on penalties, late fees, and high interest rates. With plastic in hand, there is less guilt about making superfluous purchases. According to Money and Life Coach expert, Chinkee Tan, he says, “The problem is credit cards make people buy things they can’t really afford. You really have to be careful.” Tan has been a revolutionary figure to fellow Filipinos, who are using his advice to invest their money wisely, as well as budgeting properly.

The Philippines is a sovereign island country located in Southeast Asia, and is made up of about 7,107 islands. The Philippines may have a gross domestic product of around $272 billion, it is still technically considered a third world country. In 2012, the public debt percentage was estimated to be around 40.2%; that’s slightly better than the numbers compared to previous years, (2004 saw 74.2%). The Philippines is a great example of how debt can accumulate until it is beyond the point of repayment, seemingly. Back in early 70’s, ruler Ferdinand Marcos borrowed a large amount of money for government expansion; unbeknownst to him, this would lead to subsequent administrations accruing more debt due to interest from borrowed loans. In 2003, due to extremely high external debt of $57.6 billion (US) dollars, the Philippines found themselves in a fiscal crisis. This type of external debt is considered, by most economists, to be harmful to the economy. Because the external debt is so high, every administration has to focus on new ways to pay back part of this debt, meaning it will take money away from other parts of the country that need work, like schools, hospitals, or roads.


The Philippines are at a difficult juncture currently, as their debt continues to remain high, it may dissuade investors from wanting to invest further; this would cause the Peso to decline, making it harder to pay back debt because their dollar would be worth even less.   Financial planner and banker Randell Tiongson said that the average Filipino customer must have either a debit or credit card now. This is not unlike many other countries who rely on plastic in order to book plane tickets, hotel rooms, or purchase items with online shopping codes. Find me one website that allows you to send a check, or try to book a hotel room without a credit card, it’s an impossibility. In this day and age, yes, it is probably safer and more convenient to have a credit or debit card. With the amazing advancements of phone applications, it’s a breeze to transfer money from one account to another, or even snap a picture of your paycheck and have those funds electronically transferred into your bank account. Yeah, I can’t say I hate the idea of online banking conveniences; it makes everything so easily accessible. In most cases, credit cards are more flexible than cash. You can even make money when you buy gas, groceries, or pay utility bills with certain credit cards. Though those incentives may be somewhat misleading, it’s enough to hook line and sinker the customer.

The use of credit cards have been so ubiquitous, it’s actually starting to hurt credit scores. If you walk into a Forever 21, or a Kohl’s, you almost always have the option to apply for a credit card, and if you’re credit isn’t awful, then you’ll most likely be approved for this card and see that after the first six months to a year, you’ll have an interest rate of about 25%. But with such attractive incentives offered, most people will say, “I get 20% off this buy if I apply right now!” they end up applying for the card. A little known fact, however, still remains; stockpiling up on these credit cards from TJ Maxx, Kohls, JCPenny, BJ’s, Sams Club, etc actually hurts your credit score. It’s not necessarily the more the merrier when it comes to credit cards. Why, do you ask, would this hurt your credit score? See, every time you want to take advantage of a store’s credit card, they have to request a credit score, and this ends up hurting your credit score. Yes! We have another conundrum. Checking your credit score more than a few times per year, actually hurts it. Some things in life just don’t make sense; let’s just leave it at that.

Make Your Phone Look and Act Cool With These Smartphone Accessories

Our Smartphones are with us all of the time, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Because we always have our smartphone with us, we want it to reflect our personality. We want to it make us happy when we look at it. There are plenty of things we can do to accessorize it and make it more to our liking.

The Aura phone strap is pretty cool. It is like a mood ring, but its a strap instead. I remember when I was little, I would put the mood ring on and try to trick it. Sometimes it worked, but it was fun either way.

Getting a custom ringtone is a lot of fun. Mobile 17 is an app that will allow you to take music phone your phone or cloud and make your ring town. It also does this with email and text alerts if you want to customize them as well.

You may have seen smart watches and arm bands. These are especially popular with the fitness enthusiast. These smart watches and arm bands will allow you to check your sleeping schedule, heart rate and many other things. You can attach your smartphone to the armband if you want to track certain things and since they are linked via Bluetooth, it makes things very easy.

If you have not already got in a good low price phone case, it is time that you do that. If you drop your phone, you’re going to have quite a time when it breaks, and you are stuck buying a new one. If you have a warranty, it’s not so bad as having to foot the whole bill, but even then it can be annoying. You might as well get a case and not have to worry about breaking it. There are plenty of different styles and colors to choose from.

UnGagged: An SEO UnConference

When was the last time you ended up in a marketing conference and found yourself almost rolling on the floor, laughing your guts off while actually LEARNING about the rather ‘unconventional’ methods of dealing with SEOs to boost up your internet marketing skills? Okay, let me guess. Maybe, there was never a last time at all! Alright, so let’s give you a first time.

Before you proceed with the article, you need to know that there are certain rules and standards you live by as you go about the whole process of internet marketing. And the only reason I told you this is because at UnGagged, each one of these rules is going to be broken, and each standard shaken right from the root. Here comes the most awaited revolution in the world of online business, here comes change.


UnGagged is basically an event on online business or internet marketing by Black Hat World Conference, wherein you get crazy-as-shit speakers to share their crazy-as-super-shit ideas which you can embrace if you wish to shoot up your profits in the online business. We have speakers like Scott Stratten, who is the author and president at; Lane Becker, co-founder and president at and other such like-minded geniuses who have the unnatural talent of thinking out of the box, something that has taken them to a level where people only dream to reach.

Maybe all of this sounds too haywire and risky, but if you are a no-risk person, this event probably isn’t for you at all. But, believe me, unless you take risks, you’ll never see a change. Here is why you SHOULD attend this event:

  1. Though this looks like a mishap, there is a great deal of Professionalism. You’ll actually be listening to people who’ve been into the SEO business all their lives and the best part is – they are just so awesome at it.
  2. Meet like-minded marketers. You won’t just take home with you a golden box of genius ideas, you’ll also meet other online marketers with whom you can bond and discuss your own strategies with. You’ll get an exposure to the real world of the virtual business.logo999

Profit, profit and more profit. A true businessman is someone who can come up with brilliant strategies to maximize his profits. Anyone can buy stuff from a wholesale market and sell it for a few pennies more. Even the grocery store guy can do that! If you are really dreaming big and aiming high, you need to THINK at a level beyond buying and selling. You need to float above the clouds of mediocrity and for that, you need the right kind of inspiration. Guess who’s going to give you that? Ungagged.